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his website is about me(from Luleå / Sweden) and my interest in cars, especially GM cars. Feel free to write a message in my guestbook(or just your name and hometown) it´s always interesting to know who looks at my site. I can read English,German and Finnish.
In this project-part you can follow the renovation of my rekord P1 -60, which i bought in january 2006 The plan is to restore it to a very good condition.

This is a photoshop pic of how my P1 might look like when it´s finished.

The project starts here           Latest report down -page          Pictures in Bilder/Pics
2006-03-18 First report.
During last week I have started up the renovation, beginning with removal of the interior, seats and floorcarpets for an rustinspection of the floorpans. Luckily my P1 doesn´t seem to have that much rustdamages as i had expected. Welding and some new metal is needed in L and R footcomp and the jackframes underneath. The sparetirecomp also needs welding, a big rusthole and you can see the garagefloor thru there. The doors and panels only have some surfacerust that can be grinded of.
Continued with dismantling the car. Lights , bumpers and so on. the interior looks good but doesn´t smell to nice as it is 46 years old.Perhaps I will make a new interior with fresch fabrics. There are some new pics in Bilder/pics.
also tryed to pull around the engine but it didn´t move. but that pleasure comes later.
that´s all for now.                    

2006-04-01 Progress since lasty report: Dismantling has continued and the car is now completely dismantled exect for front and rear axels and steering. They have to come of later as i need to be able to move the car in and out of the garage during rustrepair. Dont want to mess up my garage as it is resently repainted. the engine seems to be deep down in the enginecomp but came up smoothly. It needs a total check as it is stuck. hasen´t ben used since 1970. I´m not shure yet about the electrics, 6 volt or change to 12 volt? However i threw the wires in the trasch. As I am an electrician making a new wireingsystem with fresch wires is a peas of cake. There are some new pics in Bilder/Pics                                 

Here commes a halftimereport from my rustrepaires. Al the rustie parts are now cut of. As usual I dicovered some extra damages that needs welding, but I think I have control of them al now.Next up is starting to cut out sheetmetalparts and to weld it al togeather.There are some new pics in Bilder/Pics. I´l be back with a new report when al the welding is finished. but first i will have some days off.(happy eastern)
 Rustdamage in left rear fender  is cut of.
Finaly I´m done with the rustrepairs. I am no profecional welder so luckily my P1 didn´t have that complicated rustdamages. I won´t write that much about this. Look at rhe pics inP1 album part 2 . Pictures says more than words. Next up is rustprotection of the body. I had ab evening of  from welding and fixed up the electric engine-heater that was on the car. Pic of it in P1 album part3 (smalparts) .More pics in part 2 later
Rustprotectionwork will have to wait untill the real summer commes to Luleå. Meanwhile I have started dimantling the engine that wont turn, it´s not ben started since 1970...  As I suspected 2 of the pistons where stuck in the cylinder. After one night with a "secret mix" of  CRC 5-56, twostrokeoil and some old petrol frpm the P1 in the cylinders the pisyons came out with help from a wodenblock and a sledgehamer. There are signs no obvious weare in the cylinders and crankshaft so i´m confident that my 1700 engine will run smothly again.
there are some new pics in P1 album part 5
Rustprotectionwork is now in full progres. I had counted on spending half the summer under the car, but this grindingthing I´m using is real effective so it´s going much faster than I expected. It´s a real dirty job but the reward is a shiny underbody. I´m going to paint the wheelarches and underbody in red, as I now have decided that the car is going to have a red /white painwork. Lookat pics in P1 album part 2 . I am done with cleaning and priming of aprox half the underbody.
The underbody is now totaly free from old rustprotection and covered with layers of new rustprimer. With the next report there will be pics of a shiny , newpainted underbody. For now you can look at pics in P1 album part 2  of it as it is primed. I will paint it as soon as weather gets better.
2006-06-26 Today  I sprayed the last layer of paint on the underbody and in the wheelarches. so now there are pics of a shiny red underbody in  P1 pics part 2 . The reward for al the hard work with cleaning away old rustprotection. I will now paint the floorpans and perhaps also the trunk and enginecomp before taking the car back into the garage again for dimantling of  the front- and rear axels.
On monday my (4 week) holiday starts, but dont worry, there will be new P1-reports. Some like to lay on the beach, some like to play golf.  I love my Opelcars....
 Newpainted front wheelarch.
Doesn´t happen that much during my summerholiday but at least I have painted the floorpans and the trunk. It was 26 degres warm here in Luleå when I painted. Up here in the north we cout it as oven-painted  :-)
Pics in P1 pics part 2                                                      
2006-07-22  There have ben some progres   in my project although I´m on vacation. The restaurationwork is so much fun, can´t kep away from it. But then, on your vacation you should do things you like to do, I think.
Progress sofar: During next winter I want to put the engine back into the car, so tjis summer I will paint the enginecomp, now finished. The paint is opels 547 magmared in wich the hole car later on will be painted in( +474 casablancawhite). I have also painted the inside of the trunkhood . I´m so satisfied with the result that I´m concidering to do thr whole paintwork myself. There was some paint left over so I will also paint the dashboard.
On a rainy day I fixed up the gearbox and clutch . Pics in P1 album  Motor/växellåda   and in  Interiör/lack

2006-07-30  I am now done with most of the bodywork I had planed to do before the autumn...The underbody is cleaned and painted.The trunk,floorpans,enginecompartment and now even the dashboard is painted. I am now ready for nice winterevenings in the garage. Fixing up and reasembling of engine/tranny,interior with details.
There is though some work left to do, that is nice to do out in the fresh air. ex, cleaning and paintig of front- and rearaxels. There might even  be some time left over to do some grinding on doors and frontwings, we´ll se.

Here is a pic of a newpainted dashboard. I just had to test-asemble a couple of crome detailes just to look how nice it will be.  More pictures here: P1 album Interiör/lack

2006-08-17  If I´m not wrong this is the 12th P1 report. Since last i have done the inside of the front fenders, cleaned, primed and painted. Also the petroltank and inside of enginehood are now cleaned. I had not planed to do that much more bodywork this year(paintwork comes next summer) Im witing to get the car back into my garage for dismantling of front and rear axels, unfotunately my son Micke has sneeked in his Calibra Turbo for some work on the 4WD tranny. Meanwhile I will do some work with refresching some smalparts. There are some new pics on smalparts in smådelar   and on fenders and others in rostlagning/rostskydd.

2006-09-06  After a closer inspection i discovered a smal crak in one of the pistons of the original engine, properbly caused by myself as I had to sledgehammer out two pistons that where stuck in the cylinder . I have bought a sparepart-engine(P2 -62). It´s reesently ben in use and is in very good condition so I will use that engine instead.
However I have all the new parts for the engine so it´s now dismantled, cleaned and painted. After honing of the cylinders and grinding of the valves it´s ready for rebuild. There are some new pics in  Motor/växellåda

2006-10-03  Finally my P1 is back in the garage (which has been occupied by my son Mickes Calibra T) so now I´m back in bussines. From now on I will do some work on the chassis and engine. I have today removed the front axle which is to bee dismantled for inspection of joints and bushings and also to bee cleaned and painted.I have also done some minor work on the tranny,new bushing on the gearchangemecanism, for fast and precise gearchange.....
The engine stands in the bracket, cleaned and painted ready for rebuild so there are a lot of enjoyable moments to come..... chassibilder
2006-10-24 The frontaxle is now cheked,cleaned and painted, remains the brakerenovation but that comes later in winter. The bushings and joints are in good condition but before i  reasemle it into the car I will finish the engine as I had planed to install the engine from underneath.Sofar I am done with the engineblock. New pistonrings and  bearings are installed.Remains valvegrinding and final asembly of the cylinderhead.
Frontaxle painted and ready for reasembling. A new report commes when I´m done with the engine and frontaxle.            chassibilder 

2006-11-22 Engine/tranny and the front axle are now mounted in their brackets. I instaled the engine from underneath before the front axle. A smooth way to instal  and less risk to damage the newpainted engineroom. It will be a real tidy enginecompartment (if I may say so) when al the components are instaled. Looking forward with exitement to start up the engine later in the spring. Next up is the rear axle. Dismantling and painting.

FRront axle instaled    chassibilder                                  Engine in its brackets.Motor/växellåda

2006-12-17 This report completes the first year with my P1. It has ben real fun, especially with the great interest you have shown  in my P1-projekt .  About 4300 visitors on my homepage the first year . Fantastic.
Since last report i have ben busy with some repaires of my home. Painting of the hall, new keramic tiles, new sink and bensches in the kitchen, well you know how it can be....
However I have cleaned and painted the rearaxle. It seems OK so I won´t do anything more on it for now,we´ll se after the first testdrive... It´s now under the car ready for reasembling.
Now I´m done with al the heavywork on the car and 2007 I can start up with  the rest...
25/12 Some go to christmas chirch. I spent a few hours in the garage on christmas day. The rear axle is now asemled on the car.

                                              Rear  axle ready for reasembling .                        25/12 Rear axle back on t                                                             More pics in:        chassibilder
2007-01-23 My P1 is going to have a modern 12volt elektric system, so I have wired up a complete new wireingsystem with fuse/relay boxes from an Vectra A . A 12volt wipermotor from Manta A is installed and tested and fits  almoust without modification.The dashboard is starting to look alright  with al the buttons installed. The original radio does unfortunately not work but is still a beauty on the dashboard .One further thing to fix is the direktionsignal switch that turned out to be broken. A new returnspring is needed . Finally I have also installed some wibrationabsorbing material  on the innerfloor.       Some nice and easy work for a change....
Originalradio,  beautiful but not working.

More pics in :       Renov./mont.av smådetaljer                   Interiör/lack 

2007-02-15    Some smal progress since last:   The worn steeringwheel is now repainted and  fresch and that completes the dashboard. The electrics are also done exept for installation of the headlights and so on.
I have got some new parts for the brakingsystem so thats what I´m going to do next.  The brake drums are done and also the linings and wheelcylinders but  still waiting for parts for the mastercylinder.   In the next report the  complete brakingsysrem should be done.
 More pics in :     chassibilder  (newpainted brakedrums)            Renov./mont.av smådetaljer        (steeringwheel)

2007-03-09   The brakes are now done.   Mastercylinder,wheelcylinders , pipes and hoses,   linings and drums,everything is replaced with new /restored parts.Had some trouble finding new brakehoses but the lokal hydraulworkshop manufaktured new hoses for  a fair price.  
The propellershaft,exhaust and fuelpipes are also reasembled, so now I´m done crawling underneath the car.
I also have renewed all the ignitionparts so the old 1700 engine is soon ready for startup....

New brakehoses                                                                                      Exhaust.

More pics in :    chassibilder       och i    Renov./mont.av smådetaljer  

2007-03-25 It´s alive!!!
Today : first fire-up of the rebuilt 1700 engine. After aprox, 37 years of sleep, it onceagain sounds like only a Opel 1700  engine does. Once petrol reasched the carburator it fired up without any problem. After a smal adjustment of the idle-adjuster it ran real smooth and responds directly at throttle. A minor waterleak at the thermostathousing was dicowered, easy to fix though.
I even made a little testdrive around the block, clutch works OK, gears engage pritty smoothly and no bad noises was heard, very GOOD
Next up is some minor adjustments before I go on with the interior, and grinding/painwork.
Rebuilt 1700 engine and engineroom.                                                                                                   More pics in :    Motor/växellådak
Engine running: movie/ musik

2007-04-15   Doesn´t happen that much this spring,there is(as you know) this time of year also some work in the garden/house that needs my attention... but at least I have started stripping the old seats.I have orderd some new fake-leather(vinyl )for a new interior .Creme-white for seats and creme-white/red for doorpanels. But as soon as the weather(temperature)improves I will start prepairing (grinding) the body for the painwork.
Old seatcovers to be used as patterns for new seatcovers

2007-05-12 The interior-work will continue later on.  I now  have started up grinding the body. Left rear fender, where I replaced a lot of sheet metal, is the trickiest part.Needs a lot of bondo. The rest of the body is straight  with no dents, so it just needs grinding down the old paintwork. Hopefully the weather soon gets warmer  so I can prime and later on do the paintwork.
 Left rear fender, needs a lot of bondo.
More pics in:  Interiör/lack

2007-06-12 Even if it looks alright, smal damages in the paintwork hides a smal dot of rust in the sheetmetal.Only thing to do is to grind it al of to avoid later problems. The hole body is now almost clean from old paintwork and I´m counting on doing the primer/filler job before midsummer.

The P1 bodyparts grinded down to the sheetmetal.

2007-07-04    A short report on my progress with the paintwork , to show that I havent completely taken vacation from the garage. The primerjob is done and only a fine wet-grinding  remains before the topcoat comes on. My P1 is going to be red and white.    E474Casablancaweiss und E547Magmarot.

More pics in:  Interiör/lack

 2007-07-24  REPAINTED .The paintwork is just a smal part of such a projekt, but the part that everyvone notices. Feels good to be done with it. Bondowork/grinding was however not that enjoyable work but now I can say that   the nice/easy jobs are to come. Asembling details ,doors,hoods and so on.Not to mention the interiorwork that I´m looking forward to do.But that comes later in autumn.
Dont know if the pics can tell  about the paintwork/result, but I`m really satisfied myself. Aspecially as I painted  it in my garden.

A few pics on the repainted P1. As you can se I have excluded the white on the doors/fenders.
More pics in:  Interiör/lack
I will be back with a report when more details are asembled on the car.

Lately ALL my time has gone to the startup of my new webshop  NORRA KUST GARAGET . Nothingmuch has happend in my P1 projekt.The doors and some chromepanels have been asebled .The winter is though long up here in the north, and by next spring my P1 will be on the road.



2007-11-02 Finally time for an update. Not that much left to do so I have no rusch. The project must last until next spring. Otherwise I have nothing to do this winter...
Doors,handles, cromepanels and so on  are asembled.The crome on the bumbers is not the best but theywill  have to do for now.... Maby I´ll find bumpers with better crome some day. Anyway, the exterior is now complete and next up is interiorwork.First up is a new carpet in the trunk .New seatcowers are also on the list.

Some teaser-pics  of details.   Showoff-pics of the whole beauty?  No no.. Comes next spring........



2007-12-02   A (tiny little) update from my P1 garage. The trunk is now complete,with a new carpet , work on the floorcarpet is also in progress. The original rubbercarpet fell apart during disasembling  and a new one is not to find.I have used a rubbermaterial that will have to do as an substitute. The floorcarpet should be done before Santa comes...Lot of time, so I will have som time left over to think about the seat/doorpanel design.

Trunk                                                                                         Floor (in progress)
Some new pics in :  Interiör/lack


2007-12-09 Not that much progress this week.I have asembled these ???things???? on the headlights.Light custom is my theme for this project and these smal items does the tric. Not bought in a customshop but handmade!!! by an Opelfriend in Malmö, Rickard. Professional is the word.
Rickards own P1-project and mine have proceded  side by side for aprox Two years now.We have helped and suported each other. Please chech out Rickards P1a   The odd thing is that even thoug we never  have tryed to "copy" ideas it seems that our  P1:s end  up as lookalikes... I gues we are lookalikes in our mind.
 Handmade "ögonlock"                                           Light custom is the theme.

2007-12-19   Deadline for the floorcarpets was: before Santa commes. Looks like I made it.

Santa inspects...                      Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
                                       eine Frohe Weihnachten und ein Gutes Neues Jahr

2008-01-21 I´m back again with some interiorwork. Driversdoor handle has ben fixed up, was total kaputt . The original plan was an interior in red/white. Change in plan, I will keep the grey parts  on handles/doorpanels.
                    Doorhandle    BEFORE                                             AFTER
Seatcovers where in relative  good shape  but real dirty and the white parts have turned yellow.Also 48 years old seats doesn´t smell that fresh..... New seatcowers in creamwhite leatherlook will do the job.
Sewing them up is a bit of a tricky job ,nothing you do in a hurry  .....
              Seatcover BEFORE                                         fabric- parts for front seat.Ready for sewing
More pics :  Interiör/lack

2008-02-23 Time for a smal update. Summer comes soon...and I haven´t had that much time for my P1 as I had wished. I have made an "to do" list and I´ll have to keep up ,there´s a lot of smal things left to do exept for the interior. Horn,windscreenwasher,rubbersealings an so on.
The front seatcovers soon finished.
Front seat almost finished

2008-03-16 The interiorwork continues and the frontseat is now done and installed in my P1.The backseat is also in progress.As a break in al the work with the sewing-machine I also have fixed some minor details- horn,windscreenwasher,door/trunk sealings  ans so on.One doorpanel is also restored with some new white winyl,the grey part is original.

Frontseat done!                                                                 doorpanel.

2008-04-12The finish-line is cloasing up. Registrationinspection is planed  30/4, remains some minor details but the most is to be finished by then...Some new cromedetails - for the looks.
            more pics :  Interiör/lack

2008-05-01   Yesterday my P1 made it´s first real testride. To the registration inspection. Steady cruising in 90Km/h and everything seems to work alright. No wibrations or  alarming noises.
It passed the inspection exept for an exessive  play in the steeringbox as the ispector said. I´ll have to readjust it, and when my new licenceplates arive (in a week or so) It´s finally ready for some serious sommer-cruising.

P1 at the registration inspection 30/4  2008     The Inspector seems to be really  thorough...

I got some positive comments from  inspectors and other carowners .Among others from  an elder gentleman who himself had been owner of an P2 -61. A real beauty he said.
There never seems to be enough free-time so there is still som minor thigs to fix. But when al is done I will finish up this P1-project with some SHOW OF pictures.

2008-05-25   P1-FINAL-REPORT.After tvo yeares of hobby-renovation, here comes the final P1 report. My P1 is saved from the scrapyard/Opelheaven. It has  passed inpection and is now ready for some serious  summer-cruising. A renovation of this cind is sometimes hard work but for a carenthusiast I cant imagine a better hobby . I read (above) that  christmasday 2006 I  spent in my garage, asembling the rear axle.That´s how fun It is...
Enough written. Please check out the pictures and feel free to leave a comment in my guestbook or in my mailcontact.
Have a nice summer / Lasse

The P1 as I bougt it.                                                       and after a number of hours in my garage



Projekt P1 FINISHED.  
  More showoff-pics:

I thank al who have followed my project
Feel free to leave a message in my  

Perhaps I´ll be back with  a  MANTA-projekt next autumn. It could need  some owerhauling..... DualRam 6cyl from Omega or an Chevrolet V8???      Sugestions?